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  • franklinthumb

    It’s Chalk Day – Franklin Elementary 2014

    In 2001 my oldest started at Franklin Elementary School in Alameda California USA. I’d been chalk drawing at festivals like the I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival and San Rafael Street Painting Festival. I decided to do this with the entire school and that… changed my life – and twas the seed of Drawing on Earth, our […]

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  • nepalthumb-196x196

    Nepal and Lincoln School

    Two months ago Mark Lewis Wagner, Founder and Creative Director of Drawing on Earth was in Nepal chalk drawing at Lincoln School in Kathmandu.   To see more:   

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  • orca

    ORCA Chalk

    Middle School is another world unto itself. I mostly work with elementary schools, the students are mostly fun, innocent, creative, and alive. Middle school students are a different animal and… it was still a wonderful experience. With the help of the fabulous art teacher Lindsey Shepard and her students, and the two PE teachers who […]

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  • shake

    Creative Spirits – TED talks

    These are two wonderful TED talks on creativity. Sir Ken Robinson’s piece is legendary with over 28 million views… and the work of Phil Hansen is fantastic.    

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  • square_vet

    Home is Where the Heart Is – Ceremonial Chalk Drawing Reflections

    Well we did it, an epic adventure, an experiment in big creative, and an initiation experience for several of us. From a vision and a vague idea, to conversations, research, collaborations, team building, plane tickets, supplies, packing, travel, to seeing the site for the first time, and knowing things would be changing fast. Journal by […]

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