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  • owl

    More Kid’s Chalk Art

    Last week we were drawing at two different sites. Fun, great kids, great parent and teacher support.  There was one sweet little boy, all excited he said. “you forgot something, you forgot to draw the wings.” Do eye you have, you draw it for me. And he just jumped right in and drew it… way […]

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  • oma

    Oakland Museum of CA

    Last week I was invited to chalk draw at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA). The Alameda County Arts Commission, and the Alameda County Office of Education celebrated “Creative Impact,” which celebrated the start of the fifth annual San Francisco Bay Area National Arts in Education Week. It was a short few hours but super fun […]

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  • hayward

    Chalk Art & Music Festival

    City Hall Plaza – Hayward California Sat. Sept. 19, 2015 Featured Artist: Mark Lewis Wagner & Drawing on Earth

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  • footboot

    Art & War

    Ceremonial Chalk Drawing for Veterans and the Global Village Two years ago we went to Florida and created a 125ft. x 40ft. interactive chalk drawing. The goal and experiment was to connect Art and Ceremony to the military as a way of healthy integration back into society as a valuable asset to the community. Journal […]

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  • chalk

    Chalk Sale – end Sept. 14

    Sale on KOSS Chalk! We are often asked about what chalk we use, and where to get it. KOSS is some of the best chalk out there, most festivals in the USA use it. Drawing on Earth mainly works in schools, community, and special events. We have found a box of 24 colors is the […]

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