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  • chalk_draw

    Drawing Out of the Box

    Over the many years of drawing with thousands of kids on playgrounds, I come to notice a certain kind of kid – the ones who draw out of the box. Usually I create a large outline, give a demonstration, and invite the children to draw inside the area filling in the bigger drawing collaboratively. I subdivide the larger […]

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  • chalk_wet

    When it Rains

    I came back to the school playground for our next day of all school art and noticed something off, something different about the chalk drawing. Upon looking more closely and putting on my Sherlock Holmes thinking cap, I realized that the school yard water sprinklers had gone off during the evening and soaked some of our work. I’ve seen through […]

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  • chalk_elephant

    Drawing on the Walls

    Not only can one draw on the streets, and draw on the earth, but one call draw on the walls. A recent private home commission in San Francisco.  original sketch client approved sketch, with grid photoshop applied over photograph of wall Photos of the Process and Final Product:   Ganesha (/ɡəˈneɪʃə/; Sanskrit (IAST): Gaṇeśa;  listen (help·info)), also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is one […]

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  • chalk_lessons01

    Art Lessons on the Street

    After the morning assembly, classroom after classroom of kids (most of the elementary school kids) come out to the yard and circle up around me. First thing I do, if they are really little kids, I ask em if they are 5th graders – they squeal pleased and then yell “NO, we are first graders!” […]

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  • otis

    5 New School Photo Galleries

    Chalk drawing and street painting in California schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley and Alameda. Updating from a busy year! Visit our new gallery posts!    

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