• Youth in Art – Italian Street Painting Festival

    Youth in Art – Italian Street Painting Festival

    • The Italian Street Painting Festival by Youth in Arts in San Rafael CA is coming up June 13 – 14th. It’s one of the largest chalk drawing festival in the country and in the world. Hundreds of artist come to draw and thousands of people come to watch, listen to great music, eat excellent […]

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  • The Art of Driving – BMW

    The Art of Driving – BMW

    • The Art of Driving – BMW I saw this BMW ad last night at the movies for the first time – wow! I wish I had Art Directed that! It made me think about the chalk drawing we did last year that set a World Record. I am going to get in touch with […]

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  • Youth in Arts

    Youth in Arts

    • Youth in Arts – San Rafael CA, has one of the largest chalk drawing festivals in the world. Each June hundreds of artists, both well know chalk drawers and newbies gather for a weekend to get covered in chalk and made some of the most amazing art ever – and it’s temporary, and it […]

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  • Last Night

    Last Night

    • Last night we worked the final edits on our documentary film. Victoria Zorraquin, a young cute 24 year old new to the documentary film world and step kid of a Kevin Footer (who is the original film maker on this project) is leaving town today for France, then? Argentina. So we needed to put […]

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  • Creative Spirit Women

    Creative Spirit Women

    • I found these photos on the web, and yes truth be told …. women making art, being creative is a beautiful thing. It combines some very powerful things; sex, art, and spirit. These elements come together and create something larger, a deep pull to and from the human race, an invitation to grow and […]

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  • Guerrilla Chalk Drawing

    Guerrilla Chalk Drawing

    • Yesterday I started a chalk drawing project at the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco. My clients were young guys from the East Coast. They were not able to get full permission to draw on the sidewalk but they wanted to try it anyway. I was game, it paid, and it would be good […]

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  • The Art of Chalking

    The Art of Chalking

    • With the economy the way it is, we are mainly working on other project to secure dependable income – making a profit for our families and home. The nonprofit REWA (Re-Enchanting the World Through Art) is totally focused on the book edits and documentary film, both will be complete by mid April. We will […]

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  • New Blog – The Art of Being A Dad

    New Blog – The Art of Being A Dad

    • I just started a new blog. I wanted to promote my dad book which takes place over the first seven years of my kids lives, and also talk about what it’s like to have teenagers (girls).~Mark Blog~ the Art of Being A Dad•

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  • Chalk Book & Documentary Film

    Chalk Book & Documentary Film

    • We continue to work on our book and documentary film. They are both close to being finished. They are fantastic! And the Guinness World Record people asked for photos for the GWR 2010 book. That’s cool. As we all know, funding it tight, our account is getting close to bottom of the well. We’ll […]

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  • Guinness World Record – Official Document

    Guinness World Record – Official Document

    • Guinness World Record – Official Document Mark Wagner, Founder of “Re-Enchanting the World Through Art” and the “Kids’ Chalk Art Project” accepts an award from the PTA of Alameda County for his work with kids and the creation of the world’s largest chalk drawing in 2008.

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