• 19 Weeks to GO

    19 Weeks to GO

    KID’S CHALK ART Things are moving along at a fast click. We are having weekly team meetings, seeking an immediate fund raising person and down the short road events producer. Everyone is constantly networking and spreading the word to get the buzz going and out into the world. We have begun to visit all […]

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  • Chalk Drawing and Re-Enchanting the World

    Chalk Drawing and Re-Enchanting the World Today, in our small town of Alameda, CA, and across the county, there are no art teachers in public elementary schools. Some young students do experience art through a volunteer program but many do not due to the lack of available parents, programs, teacher’s schedules, and funding. The Kids’ Chalk Art Project is an […]

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  • Greetings


    Hello All, the Kids’ Chalk Art Project (KCAP) welcomes you to our new blog. A place to talk, share, and learn about the creative arts and kids. ~MarkCreative Director

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