Children’s & Art Museums

  • Proposal

    • Create a large outdoor collaborative chalk drawing with kids and community.

    • Two Day Event: Friday – kids come from schools on field trip. Sat. – community participation (kids and parents).

    • Wagner creates a large outline drawing, children and the community fill in with their own imagery and creative expression.

    • Chalk is temporary, inexpensive, environmentally safe, colorful, easy to use, easy to clean off, and easy for beginners and seasoned artists.

    • Creating together is an important social skill. Working on something big that one could not make by oneself is exciting, epic, it teaches collaboration, and creates community.

    • Kids have fun, they bring their parents back next day, parents and kid’s creating together is good for the family and for the planet.

    • The event “draws” people to your museum and great photos for future promotion.

    • Extra day can be added for 3D Master Class for local artist.

    • Museum staff and teachers can learn the “how to” of chalk drawings and produce artistic and fund raising events in the future.

    • Free evening lecture offered on chalk drawing – street painting.

    • Drawing on Earth is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

    • Drawings can be made outside on the sidewalk/street, in a parking lot, or inside on canvas.


    Please contact us for further information: